Steve Baily engineers a legacy at McClintock

Evan Airman, Reporter

January 12, 2016

Steve Baily is an engineering teacher who has been teaching at McClintock High School for at for 21 years. Baily started when he was 26 years old when he started his student teaching. He was mentored by Mr. Siagimbol and later...

Gerrich helps student find their own melody

Maria Granados, A & E Editor

January 12, 2016

Choir teacher Katie Gerrich has been teaching at McClintock for years, and has become an important part of hundreds of students’ lives. She has reached out to students every year, becoming family to every student she encounters...

‘Vegan’ing a New Lifestyle

Kristine Le, Blogs Editor

January 12, 2016

Many are changing their eating habits and switching to more healthy alternatives. The vegan lifestyle is growing in popularity, 2.5% of the U.S. have changed their diets from consuming meats and animal by products to plant-bas...

Students sing praise of Carroll

Leanne Natividad, Reporter

January 8, 2016

Mari Carroll’s second year of teaching French 1-2 Mari Carroll teaches French 1-2 in room 507. She has been teaching French for two years. “I became a French teacher because I love teaching languages to people. I have...

Be fond of Fong

Asia Jones, Managing Editor

January 5, 2016

Tyrone Fong is one of many biologists and the only anatomist here at McClintock high school. Fong is a well-known teacher around campus and is known for the interesting dissections that occur in room 1203. “(I have bee...

McClintock Welcomes New SRO Officer to Charger Family

Asia Jones, Managing Editor

September 14, 2015

McClintock has entered into a new school year with new students, new learning methods, and even a new S.R.O officer. “I have been working in the police field for four years. I honestly believe that it is the best job in the...

The Secret Life of a Techie

Alexis Kunke, Reporter

September 2, 2015

Their footsteps silently pitter patter across a pitch black stage, moving with the fluidity of ballet dancers and the strength of weight trainers as they swiftly move set pieces off and on stage before the dooming lights strike...

The Grammy Awards start off the New Year

Victoria Vital, Reporter

December 16, 2014

Every year the Annual Grammy Awards happen at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, to recognize outstanding achievement in the music industry. The 57th Grammy Awards take place on Feb. 8, 2015. Popular interest, and...

It’s never too late to learn about early childhood

Calais Hermosillo, Campus Life Editor

December 16, 2014

What is the key to our future? Our kids are! Education is one the most important factors for young kids because 90% of a child’s brain develops in the first five years of their life. One quarter of Arizona’s students don’t...

Ebola fighters influence the world more than anyone

Maria Granados, Reporter

December 16, 2014

On Dec 10, TIME Magazine announced the Person of the Year to be the fighters against Ebola. Every year, the magazine chooses the most influential person or people of that year and names them the Person of the Year. There are many...

Doing the most: Alexys Torres

Charlyne Long, Reporter

December 16, 2014

Born and raised in Tempe, well-rounded senior, Alexys Torres has set the standard for an extraordinary high school student ought to be. In the fall of her junior year, Torres tried to enlist into the military but was unable...