Reminiscing Rosales accomplishments

asia Jones, Editor in chief

Nikolaus Rosales is a senior at McClintock high school and is also the Editor in Chief in Digital communications for the McClintock newspaper.

Rosales has been in journalism since his freshman year and he has enjoyed it and has experienced a lot since then.

“The two things I enjoy most about this class is making new friends and getting to know such an amazing group of people. I also enjoy making several papers every year and watching as it gets better and better and being able to have something physically to be proud of and say, “ This is amazing,” Rosales said.

When freshman year began, he started off as a news reporter and experienced some challenges that may have skewed his focus more on photography.

“The most challenging thing in journalism was getting the hang of interviews because as a small freshman I was not good at talking to people and I wasn’t good at making questions. This class helped me get over that fear,” Rosales said.

Being promoted from reporter to opinions page editor and photographer Is a big deal and Rosales has had many accomplishments due to these promotions.

“My favorite memory was winning my first award for the MOCK DUI picture was one of my proudest moments. It was a picture that I was very proud of and winning that award was something that I will never forget,” Rosales said.

Journalism advisor Karen Crane gives insight on behalf of Rosales.

“Nik has impacted the class in a lot of ways. One of the primary ones is just his enthusiasm for the class. Secondly he is a fabulous photographer and it’s been fun seeing him develop that skill over the years especially in his National Geographic internship this summer and finally, one of the things that shocked me, to be honest, is how far he has come in his writing.” Crane said. A couple of the opinion pieces and blogs he has really been passionate about have been outstanding and I never thought of him as a strong writer, just as a strong photographer and leader and it’s been fun to see.”

Rosales is now the Co-Editor in Chief alongside with senior Asia Jones and together they have been running the class.

“I picked him [Nik to become the next editor in chief] because he complemented [Asia’s] skills very nicely. The two of them makes a strong team. Areas that he is strong in complement the areas that Asia is not as strong and the areas Asia is strong in complement the areas Nik might not be as strong.” Crane said. “ Together they are a dynamic duo.”

Rosales has experienced previous Editors in Chief and they have impacted him to become the Editor in Chief he is today.

“I think that all the E.I.C impacted me. They all made mistakes and each of them have taught me in their own way and I think that I have learned from their mistakes and have learned from their strengthens and that has helped me become the E.I.C I am today,” Rosales said.

As known seniors are cutting it close to graduation, meaning this is the last year of putting out a newspaper with these group of students and Crane.

“What I will miss most about this class is Mrs. Crane. She’s been that one teacher that has been a huge emotional support throughout my high school career and I will miss her a lot once I’m gone,” Rosales said.

Crane has a connection with Rosales since his freshman year and for her to experience his growth in journalism is a bittersweet moment.

“I’ll miss [Nik’s] smile and his enthusiasm. I will miss his bubbly voice. Sometimes I’ll laugh when I hear him yelling or being enthusiastic about something,” Crane said.

Rosales will be missed, but a new adventure awaits him.