PPA has new coordinator for school year

Sophia Franz, Videographer

After Laura Zinke retired from the position of Peggy Payne Academy (PPA) Academic Coordinator at the end of last year, a big position was open at PPA. Kathleen Pugh, a former AP World History teacher and current Academic Interventionist at McClintock, got the job.

Mrs. Pugh is excited to be in charge of the program and has a few goals for her first year. In order to increase student achievement and participation in extracurriculars and sports, she implemented a PPA Contract at the beginning of this school year. Mrs. Pugh wants “…PPA students to feel more attached to McClintock High School” and for students to “…be building their resume with community service hours and becoming more well rounded individuals.”

Within PPA, Mrs. Pugh helps students stay on top of their grades, communicate with their teachers, get involved with extracurricular activities and community service, scheduling, and the college application process.

She has been on maternity leave for the majority of the semester but will be back soon. McClintock and PPA welcome Mrs. Pugh to her new job!