JROTC allows students to pursue new opportunities

Alex Hifler, Online Media Editor

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JROTC is available to McClintock students as a zero and first hour elective. Students have the opportunity to grow their character, develop leadership skills, while having access to special teams.

JROTC cadets are at pep rallies presenting the flags and spinning rifles, but you may also see them in uniform on Wednesdays. These cadets of all backgrounds arrive at the Marcos De Niza Campus every morning at 7 am to develop citizenship skills and develop themselves.

Students take this class to develop their character, negate their need for a PE credit, others may go on to college ROTC, or they may enlist in any branch of service out of high school. There are many students who take this class don’t plan on going with the military, but others see the opportunity to have their college education paid for and choose to either go to college and serve four years in the military. They can also go into the military first and then go to college for free.

Many of the students who take JROTC also participate in the special teams the program offer.

Drill team has both unarmed and armed teams. Unarmed teams compete in marching competitions, while armed teams compete in marching events where they also get to spin rifles.

“Drill is the art of moving a unit from one area to another quickly and efficiently, and when everyone does what they are supposed to do it is so beautiful” junior Jared Ellsworth said.

Adventure team is a very physically oriented team where people compete in challenges that require both individual, athletic ability and team cooperation.

Rifle Team Shoots precision air rifles in competitions where they shoot targets for points. They compete in teams of four against other teams across the state and across the nation.

While those teams practice before JROTC at 6 am every morning JLAB, an academic team, practices and competes during the JROTC class period.

First year cadets will learn to march, learn decision making in everyday life, gain skills needed to be leaders in the program, learn about the workings of the government, and basic first aid.

Returning members expand on the principles they learned their freshman year, and they will act as student leaders, teaching cadets the procedures they learned.

Cadets will conduct Physical Training once a week that will both help students learn team-building sills and keep students in shape. Through their Physical and academic achievement in and outside of JROTC they will be able to win prestigious awards such as the Presidential Physical Fitness award.

Students will also have Opportunities to participate in a diverse range of camps and seminars.

Students can participate in the Field Training Exercise (FTX) and work with their peers to complete obstacle courses and even make a rope bridge. Students will take a bus to an area of northern Arizona to spend the day completing these activities.
Junior Cadet Leadership Course (JCLC) is a week long camp in the spring. Over the course of the week students get to live on an army base and work in a group of their peers to compete in a series of challenges that will both build and test their abilities.

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