Pink Panther Strikes Back: Ben Pope Spotlight

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Kristine Le- A&E Editor

Q:What’s your role in the play?


A:”I play Chief Inspector Clousseau, the goofy yet loveable French protagonist.”


Q:How Long have you prepared for the role?


A:” We were cast in the show about a month ago, so it’s been a fairly quick turn-around to memorize lines and get ready.”


Q: How much experience do you have in acting?


A: “While I’ve never attended any classes or seminars on acting, I have experience from previous shows I’ve been in. I have been acting since 6th grade and am fortunate enough to have been in every MHS production which helps me to “learn on the job, so to speak. “


Q:What do you like most about your role?


A:”I love how fun my character is. He’s clumsy and goofy but he also has a big heart and genuinely wants to be a hero.”


Q:What’s the most difficult thing so far about your role? How do you overcome that?


A: “The most difficult aspect of my role has been trying to do my ridiculous accent while still maintaining my understandability, I have overcome the struggle by speaking slower.”


Q:How do you like working with Shaul?


A:”I love working with Shaul. He’s one of my best friends and one of the greatest people I know. This is one of  my last shows at MHS and I couldn’t be luckier that I get to work with such a talented actor and wonderful human being.”


Q:How do you like working with other actors?


A: “The cast of this show is so full of energy and genuine love for theatre. The cast is not only talented, but they’re a lot of fun and I’m thankful to have worked with them.”


Q:Anything else you’d like to add about the production?


A: “In addition to a great cast, we also have an amazing crew that made this possible. We had a smaller crew for this show than we normally do, so their abilities to have done what they did is that much more impressive.”


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Pink Panther Strikes Back: Ben Pope Spotlight