Spotlight: Noah Contreras

Senior Noah Contreras has been in Speech and Debate for three years, participating in Policy debate, Public Forum debate, Extemporaneous speaking, and Impromptu speaking. Public Forum is Contreras’ main event.

“I wanted to be able to see both sides of an argument without being biased,” Contreras said.

One skill required for debating is being able to create an argument and know both sides of a debate topic.

“I learned how to make others seem like they do not know what they are talking about,” Contreras said.

Public Forum debaters argue about topics of national importance, typically involving foreign or domestic issues. Contreras has a month or less to write cases for the affirmative and the negation on the topic voted for.

“Noah has learned to work hard to achieve his goals. He knows now that debate is all about hard work and not talent,” Speech and Debate coach, Timothy Cornwell, said.

“Debate has benefited me personally because it helps me to look about both sides of an argument, it allows me to do better research on things that I’m quite sure about, and it helps me to get my point across efficiently. Overall, debate has helped me with my speaking fluency and my interpersonal communications,” Contreras said.

During debate rounds, debaters must think on their feet to form speeches for their arguments and answer cross examination questions.

“Speech and Debate has benefited my high school experience because it allowed me to meet so many cool people that I otherwise wouldn’t have met. It’s allowed me to have a family inside of McClintock. It’s helped me with the fact that I know all these people and I have all these connections that I can use, so I have more people I can rely on whether it be for homework or for moral support,” Contreras said.

Contreras has met new people around Arizona and at McClintock through Speech and Debate.

“Noah’s just a great young man. He is truly a well rounded and unique individual. He is nothing short of awesomeness,” Cornwell said.