The World Over Gives Heads Up On Tour

Amber Perry, Graphics Editor

The World Over is a great band featuring their new single, from the EP, “Eulogy” and “Swervewolf” With their fist official album “Mountains” they just recently started their tour, sadly missing Phoenix.

“I can’t wait to go out there and tear it up with you guys and show the world what we have to offer” drummer Tony Costarella said, before the official tour dates and places were announced.

Tiaday is a great female vocalist screamer (better in most ways than other male vocalists and in my point of view, and way better than most female vocalists). The other band members like Aaron and Anthony are perfectly in synch. The shredding continues, even as the tempo slides a bit. There is a brooding feeling to the drums 1-2 cadence before the song opens up with the guitar solo for “Brick Alley Beatdown.” also so much more from their 2014 Album “The Rampart District.”

“A lot of good things to come in the new year, and we cant wait to share it with all of you” The World Over Said.

The band is an out of the typical post-hardcore bands or scream bands, they use melodic symphonies and lead singer Tiaday, a long time close friend, is absolutely exceptional other than the fact she is a girl, which is quite uncommon for vocalist scream bands, her vocal ranges strike me with brutal power. She has that indescribable quality that just SCREAMS passion, literally, and she has come a long way from posting little covers on Youtube from Justin Bieber all the way to Asking Alexandria and PVRIS. My personal favorite is her own scream cover to “My House” by PVRIS and “Payback” by Attila, on her channel “TiadayX”. These are great examples for her vocal ranges and her lyrical clearness and her durations.

Today their music is more of a tuneful melody with beast like qualities in the vocals. The drums could use little more tempos and solos. With album, “Mountains”, underway they have wanted to make this entire year a great representation from all the years of practice and dedication. All the handwork and help from former Escape The Fate guitarist they came a long way since 2013 to now currently making my top 10. Great post-hardcore band following steps from “The Agonist”and “Eyes Set To Kill.” And with the rest of the band ready to be on the move wishes Phoenix a great holidays and an apology.

“I know I tried really hard but everything is booked right now but as soon as a slot open we will do a last minute show for you” Tiaday Said.