Off-Season Baseball Training

Raul Benitez, Reporter

Security Guard Paul is the coach for baseball. He allows students to go and train for the upcoming season and improve on the game. The students practice at the fields across the street. They practice many drills such as, swing practice, pitching, and catching the ball.

Students can work on anything they need to. If students want to practice swinging, the students have a net and a T-Ball set up towards the corner of the field.

“At practice, students are able to do what they need to work on personally,” Paul said.

Students come and train to get better for the upcoming season and tryouts. Students are devoted to this season and hope to win the games and championship.

Paul also helped with a generous project for everyone for Christmas. He helped with poor families to get them gifts and presents for the holiday. Paul helped poor families with getting them presents. Paul did this because he wanted everyone to have a great Christmas. Paul’s generosity has made him a better person to this day.

“Everyone deserves to have a good Christmas, so I wanted to help do that for these families,” Paul said.

There’s usually about 10-15 students arrive at the field to practice. Students have many choices on what they wanted to work on to get ready for the season. Students mainly work on swinging for power and improvement on reaction time.

Paul supervises them and gives them tips that would help the students. Paul can help everyone if needed. Students appreciate the help that he gives and the support he provides. He encourages anyone to try out for the season.