Media Review: Jackie Chan adventures hits hard with a blast from the past

Makoto Hunter, Copy Editor

October 21, 2015

With Netflix exclusive media such as Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Dinotrux, and Marvel’s Daredevil becoming more and more prevalent, it’s easy to forget how the now ubiquitous on-demand internet streaming media ...

Auditions to be held for All-State choirs

September 21, 2015

Every year, the choir program participates in auditioning for the All-State Show Choir and All-State Jazz Choir. This year, auditions are to be held Sat., Sept. 26.   All-State Show Choir and All-State Jazz Choir, often...

Sydney Hunter and Mike Gossen Speak in Mesa Game On Expo over Game Development

Evan Airman, Reporter

September 14, 2015

Independent game developers Sydney Hunter and Mike Gossen were present at the Mesa Game on Expo from Aug. 29 through the 30. “When we were young we loved those old consoles, and we wanted those back, and we wanted to have...

“Game of Tiaras”: Fall is Coming With McClintock Drama’s Latest Production

Makoto Hunter, Web Online Copy Editor

September 9, 2015

The Fall Play Game of Tiaras opens Thurs., Sept. 10 at 7:00 PM in the Boyle Auditorium, and general admission is five dollars. Game of Tiaras is a parody-comedy written by Don Zolidis that simultaneously spoofs Shakespeare’s K...

Watching ‘ The International’

Wyatt Calandro, Reporter

August 14, 2015

On Saturday, I grouped up with my brother and eight friends, and we went to view The International Dota 2 Championships Grand Finals over at a local movie theater. In total there were about 20 of us who were there to watch the...

CBS 5 television anchor Sean McLaughlin informs freshman AVID class about job

Victoria Vital, Reporter

May 7, 2015

On Fri., Apr. 24 broadcast journalist Sean McLaughlin came to speak in front of an AVID class about his career. This opportunity all started when freshman Alexis Davis wrote a letter to McLaughlin asking him to come and speak...

The Valley of the Sun vs. The Big Apple

Hannah Lizarraga, A&E Editor

May 7, 2015

Recently, I was given the opportunity to travel to New York City with the entire fine arts department. I really have not traveled anywhere except the few trips I have gone on to California, so this was very exciting for me. When...

Gilmore Girls offers great respite from real world stresses

Hayley Gorman, Editor-in-Chief

May 7, 2015

During December, while I was stressing out about final exams, I decided to turn to my best friend, Netflix, and started watching a new TV show, Gilmore Girls. I had made it halfway through the pilot during the beginning of Nov...

The Fosters brings teen struggles to light

Hayley Gorman, Editor-in-Chief

May 7, 2015

In June of 2013, ABC Family debuted the groundbreaking television drama The Fosters. The Fosters centers around an interracial, lesbian couple and their biological, adopted, and foster children. Stef Foster (Teri Polo), a poli...

Ambitious performers visit the Big Apple

Maria Granados, Reporter

March 28, 2015

The McClintock Fine Arts Department will be taking 146 students to New York from Wed., Apr. 8 to Sun., Apr. 12. The people going will be students in advanced fine arts classes, including choir, orchestra,  band, drama, dance,...