Slip Into Routine

Kristine Le, Blogs/A&E editor

my routine usually involves being at home. doing homework and doing chores. if i do something that is way out of my bubble, it’s hard for me to get back to my lifestyle. i rarely go out, which is not a bad thing at all but still there are times where i want to go out but the fear of having to shift back and do all the things i needed to do in that day is hard. simply said, i don’t roam to far from ‘home’, hypothetically speaking.

yes, i’ve heard the usual “if you don’t go out, you’re not living life to the fullest.”, but how is my routine of staying home not ‘living life’? i personally define ‘living life’ as breathing and blood running through my veins, not going out every other night to party or ‘turn up’. i indulge in more mundane and simpler activities like eating brunch once in awhile with a friend so that we can talk about the things that happened in the days we haven’t met rather than meeting every day and running out of things to say and resorting to talking about our dreams and stare at our phones. i feel happy when i get add something new into my journal, confiding in my cat for advice on life, and not having to conform to society’s view of how i should dress

a friend of mine, who goes to a different school, comes over to my house every other thursday and we giggle about the things that happened in our lives and let loose rather than having to dress up to go outside even though all we care about is talking to each other and being in each other’s company.

though, i do try to go out of my way to engage in activities and i enjoy it but when i go back into my routine, i regret it.

my clock becomes out-of-whack and i get confused on what to do and how to portion my time between my love of sleep and my daily routine.

maybe it’s just because i’m a homebody and i don’t like socializing and i’d rather stay home and nap with my cat, bob. but i don’t typically enjoy being with my friends outside of my home or their home.

the less i have to socialize, the better.