Fight for Ignorance

Alex Hifler- Online media editor

The need to escape is inherent in all of us. Escape from our thoughts and crowd out the thoughts through interaction with others, escape from problems, escape from self inflicted torment, and to escape from understanding.


Truth is hard to accept it invokes sorrow and from truth there is no escape. No matter how many kardashians there are, how many books to read, how many albums released there is no escape from the sad realities of others and ourselves. Some students don’t eat either trying to thin themselves to promote a body image, hungry because they can not afford food, or they simply don’t want to set aside the time. Some students throw themselves into their studies, trying to mimic success when those who will be successful will be successful regardless or not they know the terminology for the way they structure a sentence or not. Others are forced by parents to achieve grades so they can have a college education; more simply set the goal in order to achieve some plan they have for later in life.


It is strange to think no matter who we are, regardless of wealth, we all have problems. If there will always be conflicts, how could anyone possibly escape from these problems that always follow? That’s why there is Social media, religion, Music, Art, Entertainment, Sports, and various events. Anything to get their mind off the problems that they may face. People seek acceptance.
In Truth they seek to escape ourselves. To shake off who they are and try to change. To shake off our imperfections. Those imperfections continually being replaced by new ones. Ironic that people want others to accept them, but they cannot accept themselves.