State fair

Alaina Vega, social media director

This weekend was my first time to go to the state fair. It was such a great experience. The best time to go is at night, all the flashing lights and the loud music. The fair is much expensive but well worth it. There are so many people around and the lines are packed, so it is very worth it to purchase the fast pass.

There are so many games, which are impossible to win. I feel like they’re rigged that’s why you see all those prizes because no one wins them!! I literally only saw a good 10 people out of the 100 there that had a big prize. I just wanted to buy one besides the fact spending a good 200 tickets on one game! It was just stressful trying to win one.

The rides there are beyond scary! My first ride happened to be the scariest I’ve rode! I rode a good 5 before I started to feel sick with the food I ate before. Good thing I didn’t get the all day pass otherwise it wouldn’t be put to good use. If you’re scared of heights these rides are definitely not for you.

The swings are the best you can literally see everything as you approach the top. You can also see everything from the Ferris wheel (which is the longest ride ever) but it’s also the best ride.

If you do go to the fair DON’T wear all white shoes I REPEAT DON’T. By the time I got out my shoes were BROWN. From the sand and people stepping on them. Some girls would take there sandals off to ride the ride. It was pretty weird but I understand you don’t want to loos your sandals.

During out first ride someone’s phone fell off and literally cracked the entire screen. I really thought it was mine until I remembered I gave all my stuff to my friend before getting on the ride.