McClintock home to two state champions


Hayley Gorman, Editor-in-Chief

The wrestling state tournament was held on Feb. 12 to 14, and McClintock is home to two state champions, Marco and Gator Groves.

Gator won the 120-pound championship with a 7-3 decision over Cibola High School senior Josh Olsen.

 “He really controlled the entire match,” coach and father Robert Groves said. “He always stays poised and in great position which makes it very difficult to score on him.”

Marco won the 132-pound championship title against senior defending champion Kyle Ford from Gila Ridge.

“Marco wrestles a little out of control at times which got him in trouble,” Robert Groves said. “But he never gave up even when the odds were against him and pulled it out at the end.”

This is McClintock’s first state champions since 1993 and the first time ever in state history to have freshmen twins have win state titles.

Gator finished the season with a record of 53-1 and Marco finished with a record of 45-4. With these impressive records, both boys broke McClintock records for most wins in two seasons.

Junior Noah Bello ended the season with a 42-8, and was one win away from placing at the state tournament.

“I feel terrible for Noah,” Robert Groves said.  “He works so hard and wants it so bad, but just couldn’t get over the hump, he will be right there battling for the title next year.”