ACT/SAT dates quickly approaching


May Felty, Reporter

For many juniors and seniors, SATs and ACTs are coming up or have already begun. Several testing dates are available to sign up for this year and in the next semester.

Students have been preparing for the SAT on October 1st. The next SAT students can sign upfor will occur on November 5th, with a registration deadline of October 7th. The following date will be December 3rd, with a November 3rd registration deadline. Next semester, the SAT will beadministered on March 11th, May 6th, and June 3rd.

October 22nd marks the next ACT test day. December 10th will be the next ACT test students can sign up for, with registration deadline of November 4th. For the following ACT test date, February 11th, students will register by January 6th. 2023’s first ACT testing dates will be April 15th, June 10th, and July 15th.