Charger Alumni shares talents with students

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Charger Alumni shares talents with students

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Filmmaker and music video producer Jakob Owens spoke to the McClintock Film and TV classes on Mon., Jan. 21st about what it takes to make it as a director, editor, cinematographer, and producer in the music video and film industry.

Owens is a McClintock graduate of 2008 and was in the first video class offered at the school.  He created a promotional video for the football team that was the first video ever shown at a pep rally.

“After the pep rally, many students and teachers came up to me to compliment me about the video,” Owens said.  “That was the moment I knew what I wanted to do with my life.”

Owens then attended the Film and Media production program at Arizona State University, graduating with a degree in 2012.

“I was already making a lot of music videos in L.A. by my senior year, and I didn’t really want to finish my degree,” Owens explained, “but my mother wanted me to finish up since I was so close, and I am glad I did.”

Owens said that during college, he has a professor discourage him from the music video industry, saying that it was no way to make a living, but he stuck with it anyway, and has developed a reputation as one of the best producers in the music video industry in California, New York, and across the country.

“It’s important not to worry about what other’s say.  If it’s your passion, follow that passion wherever it leads you,” he advised the students.

Owens has his own production company, Buffnerds, that creates music videos, commercials, branding, and short films.

His first music video was for music artist and Charger alumni, Zach Beck aka, Futuristic.  They attended McClintock together and played on the basketball team together.  During college, Owens create the first music video for Futuristic, and after posting it on YouTube, it went viral.

“I was always building a reel,” Owens said.  “Often times, I would work for free to build my reel and that is how the big names would see my work and reach out to me.”

Owens is currently in Arizona shooting a Netflix series about the Arizona State University baseball program and anticipates being here for the next four months.  


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Charger Alumni shares talents with students