New Track and Pool at McClintock


Photo by Carlos Orozco.

Liam Huggins, Reporter

Recently, students have noticed that the track has a new shiny cover to it and that the pool is just a pit in the ground. McClintock and the city of Tempe have recently started to remodel the sports facilities.

It is not only is McClintock’s track being resurfaced; across the whole district, the tracks are being redone. It’s a process that’s going to take around 2 years. McClintock’s track has already been resurfaced and is ready for the next track season.

“A refurbished track surface provides improved performance, comfort, safety, and durability for both competition and training activities ensuring that McClintock’s athletes will be faster and better than ever,” track coach Jeff Dodge said

“The pool was built back in the late 60s or early 70s and had a minor renovation in either 1986 or 87.”, Swim Coach Melissa said. The pool no longer meets criteria for diving depths for High School competition… The pool’s white coating has been deteriorating for years and has to be redone plus many other issues. The pool has been closed to the public for about 7 or 8 years due to lack of funds in Tempe and the only ones who have been using the pool are the high school teams, club teams, and a scuba group,” Coach Ripley said.

With the remodel the pool will be getting a new pool deck and filter system. Ms. Ripley continued with saying how the new pool will help the swimmers go faster and will allow for the divers to dive at McClintock again.

“A new track is symbolic of a new season in a way-it’s a time for a fresh start that yields great optimism for what the season may bring,” Dodge said.

With these renovations across McClintock, there will be not only better performance from our athletes but better safety for them as well.