Young Dems speeds up voting process

Katelynn Showers, Managing Editor

Young Democrats is a club on campus, they meet every Monday at lunch in room 1124. The presidents are senior Erin Granillo-Walker and sophomore Thomas Lobato.

“We discuss political issues, try to get voters registered, and we help with canvasing for local Democratic candidates,” Granillo-Walker said.

In the past, Young Dems made a video segment for video announcements explaining why people should register to vote. (They were able to get 20 people registered.)

“We want to make young people politically aware and to help out with races,” Granillo-Walker said.

The clubs main goal is to have open political discussions from both political views.

“I think it’s a good space for political discourse and political discussions and a good place for other views,” Lobato said.

Young Dems wants to help get student politically aware and give them an idea of what politics are like.

“I joined because I was interested in politics and elections. It was also an interesting way of getting involved,” Lobato said.

“I’m a really progressive person and Young Dems was the only club on campus that really had a political purpose,” Granillo-Walker said.

Another one of the clubs goals is to have open discussion from the Democratic side and to help get local Democrats elected for office.