Teachers receives a helping hand

Abby Karlin, Reporter

They’re at the front of English classrooms, in a desk in Chemistry, carrying papers in the hallways, or sending messages between fine arts teachers. TAs, or teaching assistants help around the school, their teachers, and their classmates in many different ways, from grading papers to making flashcards, to leading classes.

“It was really cool, because I want to go into education, and probably teach english later, so It’s kind of cool to get opportunities like that where you get to actually be doing something in the class,” senior Skaya Penneau said.

Teachers Assistants earn an elective credit by helping a favorite teacher organize their classes.

“[My TAs] help get materials prepared for classes, I will have them sometimes getting chemicals ready for the lab; they do a lot of materials prep, because there’s a lot of materials that go into the science classes with the chemicals that we need and putting supplies together,” chemistry teacher, Deborah Lenz said.

TAs do not get a free study hall. Especially with teachers with no prep hour, TAs help prepare, plan and grade all classes, not just the hour they are assigned to.

“I would help do a lot of grading It was a lot of prepping assignments and getting copies and helping grade things and put them into the computer. I helped make powerpoints if she needed examples, it was mostly just helping get all of her tools ready so she could have a more effective class,” Penneau said.

Teaching Assistants are given the opportunity to learn more extensive responsibility by being the only ones responsible for their own projects.

“I think students benefit because it gives them the opportunity to develop some of their skills of being able to work independently, it gives them the opportunity to excel at being self driven. It’s different from being in a class,” Lenz said.

Being a TA gives students an opportunity to work more closely with a teacher who can tell them more about career paths.

“[On an average day, my TAs would be] picking up copies, filing receipts, organizing the choral music library, and depending on situations, sometimes helping with uniforms, keeping the room organized, and helping me to be as efficient as I can be. My TAs often help with sectionals, and lead the class when I’m gone, I’ve had TAs who are comfortable running a rehearsal,” Choir Teacher Kathleen Gerrich said.

Being a TA is arguably a good experience for students considering into going into an education field.

“I would definitely say do it if you have the time, if you have an open space, it’s really cool, especially if you do want to go into something like education, it’s a really cool opportunity to see how the classroom works and help the teacher with things that you’d be doing if you were teaching,” Penneau said.