New ID policy enforced across campus.


Amber Perry, Reporter

McClintock installed a new policy for students, which states that I.D’s must be visible and worn at all times.  Enforcement will be consistent across campus.

“We want to increase security on campus,” Principal Mayra Arroyo said.

After the year is over, all returning students must renew their I.D to keep the accuracy. The purpose of the new policy is to increase safety across campus.

“Having the same picture since freshman year is not good because people change and people that have been here for four years is acceptable but not after four, then it becomes a safety issue for everyone else on campus,” Arroyo said.

Currently, security and administration meet students at the gate to ensure all are wearing their ideas. Long lines have ensued, making students late to their first period class.

“We need to ensure that everyone here are McClintock students,” Arroyo said.

All students are required to wear their identification cards and any student who rebels against this rule will face disciplinary actions.

First offenders will have a verbal warning from a teacher or security, even an administrator. Second offenses will be more severe such as a twenty-minute detention following a third offense with a forty-minute detention. If a student does not comply after these warnings a day of in school suspension (or ISS) will be in place and another offense will be ISS with a parent or guardian meeting.

All staff will be asked to check students before they enter campus and teachers will pull students from class and send them to the office if they are not wearing their I.D badges at all times. The I.D has a portrait picture and the 16-17 school year writing has to be visible.