Sublette manages own business after teaching career

Leeann Natividad

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lalaTHREADS is a business created by designer and former teacher Maribeth Sublette who makes graphic t-shirts, mommy-and-me t-shirts, car seats and nursing covers.

Sublette taught English and AVID at McClintock High School for five years. Today, she is an independent consultant, a substitute teacher and runs her own business.

“The idea of starting lalaTHREADS has been something that I have thought about for quite a while. It was not until November when I really started to take action to make this dream a reality. I got all of my paperwork and funding in order and I officially launched on March 1, 2016. It has only been a little while, but I am thrilled with where things are going,” Sublette said.

Sublette had the idea of making her own company when she and her family traveled to Hawaii for a vacation last year. She wanted to buy matching shirts for her and her daughter.

“I found out that the quality was terrible and the shirts being sold were very expensive. I knew that I could create a better quality product at a better price point, so that is exactly what I did,” Sublette said.

From there, Sublette started sewing nursing covers for friends and giving them away at baby showers. People would tell her that she should start selling them. Over time, Sublette listened and started making covers to sell.

“For both the shirts and covers, I knew that I could put out a better quality product that moms would love,” Sublette said.

The average price for the merchandise is around $20. Most mommy-and-me sets are $38.50.

The name lalaTHREADS came from Sublette’s daughter’s nickname. Her daughter is named Layla and her nickname is “Lala.”

“I wanted the name to be girly, but have a little edge. lalaTHREADS just fit, plus ‘lala’ looks great in script font,” Sublette said.

Sublette’s favorite part about lalaTHREADS is having customers send her pictures of them and their children in the shirts that she had made. Additionally, she loves reading reviews that people leave for her on

“I have been very blessed to have family and friends support my new business, but getting orders from complete strangers really makes this dream seem like a reality. I literally jumped in the air when I got my first ‘real’ order. Receiving those orders has become a little more commonplace now, but I still get a big smile on my face when a new order comes in,” Sublette said.

Buyers can purchase items or ask questions through or [email protected].

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Sublette manages own business after teaching career