Face Off: Spirit Stick Becomes Controversial (Senior)

Mitchell Wenger, News Editor

The most recent pep rally was an affront to the integrity of this school. The violation of tradition has enraged many seniors against the abomination that is the sophomore class.  For over 15 years the Spirit Stick has been given to the seniors; it’s a longtime tradition. Now however, along with the many other changes taking place, this tradition is being completely overturned and peons such as the sophomore class can win the Stick.

This degradation of tradition ruins the pep rallies for upperclassmen this year and in years to come. The senior class is always the smallest class on campus, which gives the other classes an unfair advantage. The sheer volume of the sophomores is the only thing that allowed them to win this pep rally.

If the contest is to be fair there needs to be more criteria than pure volume. It is the Spirit Stick after all. The contest should be based on spirit, and the senior class is far and above the other classes in that department. The staff could also just respect tradition and give the Stick to the seniors.  That would completely eliminate the whole issue. Its really not that hard.

But then again, who cares about tradition. It’s so over rated. McClintock has been around for 51 years and is steeped in tradition. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is the amount of decibels that a particular class is able to produce. Not tradition.