Pro: Attendance Policy Face Off

Nikolaus Rosales, Reporter

face off picThis year, the attendance policy has become very strict. The reason for this being many students took advantage of it the years before. I think that they should be strict with the attendance policy, considering so many people took advantage of it and still received full credit for their classes even though they never showed up.

This year, if a student misses more than 11 days of school, excused or unexcused, the student will be moved into no-credit status. However, if a student has been excused by administration, then the absence will not count- i.e. if a student has a doctor’s note, or a family member has passed away.

Most students find this unreasonable and unfair. I don’t see how this is unfair in any way. What I think is unfair is that students were able to miss excessive amounts of school for no reason, and still receive credit for their classes.

The reason this rule is being enforced harsher this year is because in the past, students have taken advantage of being able to miss 11 days of school, by choosing to just ditch. Meanwhile, there are students that miss school because they have a serious medical issue.

Honestly, I’m very happy that they are actually enforcing this policy harsher this year. Hopefully it will finally get through to some students that it’s not okay to ditch school, and that if you do, you will be punished for it. 11 days of school is more than enough days for a student to be absent.