Badminton athletes begin season

Sophia Flores, Videographer

McClintock offers a wide variety of sports, and Girls Badminton is one of them. Badminton is a fantastic fall sport that allows athletes to hone their reaction time and improve balance.

Beginning in early June, badminton athletes hone their skills and put in hours of practice in order to make each season better than the last. This year’s team is working harder than ever to achieve their goals. 

Coach Marta Hatch has been coaching badminton at McClintock for nearly four years now, and the team is like a family. In an interview, Coach Hatch explained that everyone is welcome in badminton. The athletes encourage each other and work to make each team member feel like an MVP. 

Badminton games are often Tuesdays and Thursdays for the rest of September and begin at 4:00pm. Check an athletics schedule for more information, or see the attached link for specific scheduling. Come and support your fellow Chargers!