Fall Sports safety protocols in place

Fall Sports safety protocols in place

The following message was sent to parents and students regarding the Fall Sports Season:

Over the past two months, we have established safety protocols and a phased approach to return to play. This has been a data-driven approach to allow our students the opportunity to prepare for their Fall activities. As a result of the implemented protocols, we have seen great coordination between our coaches and athletes to ensure the health and safety of all involved.

Currently, the AIA has established August 17th as the start date for the Fall season. There is a possibility that this date may change as the AIA makes any further determinations, we will keep our families informed.

As we move into Phase II, the updates to protocols are as follows:

Social Distancing / PPE
During Phase I, all social distancing guidelines and PPE requirements, in the form of masks, were in effect.

During Phase II, social distancing will still be in effect but there will be additional sport-specific groupings allowed.

Hand washing hygiene and all cleaning regimens will continue, as per Phase I.

Mandatory masks will continue to be worn at all times inside and encouraged for outdoor activities.


During Phase I, temperatures and health assessments were taken prior to training or gathering.

These protocols will remain in effect during Phase II.


During Phase I, students were required to bring 2 gallons of water for their own use. Communal water was not supplied.

There will be no changes to hydration protocol during Phase II.

Small Groups

During Phase I, no more than 10 people were allowed to gather at any given time. The same coach/advisor was assigned to each group of 10 for the duration of these activities. Practice groups were limited to groups of 10, and there was a limit of two hours of training per day.

During Phase II, cohorts will be expanded to groups of 50.

If smaller practice groups are created, they will be limited to 2 to 4 people from the existing cohort of 50, and those groups will be maintained through the entirety of Phase II.

Physical contact will be held to a minimum.

Additionally, the hours of training allowed per day will be expanded to a maximum of three hours.

During Phase l, all TUHSD staff and students received COVID-19 education, including instruction on safety protocols such as regular cleaning of spaces and social distancing.

Education will continue as appropriate during Phase II and remain focused on social distancing, hand washing, mask wearing, and other preventative measures.