McClintock Lady Charger Swimmers

Katelynn Showers and Ka'waii Mitchell

The McClintock Lady Charger Swim Team is currently undefeated. This week McKinley Becraft and Kira Thomas provide interviews to Guidon. The two of them explain what it takes to be swimmers on the McClintock Lady Charger Swim and Dive Team.

“I feel most proud of the 500 butterfly because it’s the longest event of the high school season. A lot of people don’t swim it.,” junior Kira Thomas said.

“The hardest stroke would be the 100 butterfly,” senior McKinley Becraft said.

These two swimmers have dedicated so much of their time and energy, training for swim. They sacrificed things like social lives and homework opportunities to perfect their sport.

“I train 20 hours a week. I’ve sacrificed my social life and hanging out with my friends,” Thomas said.

“I practice on dry land as well, and outside of school. I’m also a club swimmer, which is year round,” Becraft said.

The girls swim captains are McKinley Becraft and Kathrine Moriarty and the boys swim captains are Andrew Sciedecker and Jeremy Parker.

 The swim and dive head coach is Coach Melissa Belote Ripley. The dive coach is Coach Jonny Potter. The associate coach is Coach Felissa Dixon and the volunteer coach is Coach Ryan Martinez.

Although Becraft and Thomas have given up a lot to be on the swim team, they do enjoy their time practicing and participating in the team.

“Mostly, I like hanging out with the people at swim. Swimming helps me get away from obligations and it’s very therapeutic,” Thomas said.

“I like the exercise value of swim, but it depends on yourself. What you put into practice and meets is what you get out of it,” Becraft said.