Waggoner named new coach

Dawson Skree, Sports Editor

Spencer Waggoner will be starting as the new head coach next season for McClintock Varsity football.

“He was the best candidate out of our candidate pool for the job,” Athletics Principal Susan Edwards said.

Edwards has some goals she hopes Waggoner will fulfill.

“I hope he gets us into a good division and section for our football team,” Edwards said.

Waggoner has had a history of coaching and playing football throughout his life. He played at Marcos De Niza, earned a scholarship to Utah State, and is now currently our boys soccer coach.

In addition to working here as a soccer coach, he previously coached football  in Chandler.

“It’s a true pleasure to have the opportunity to give back to the district. I am proud not only to coach the sports I loved and played myself, but to influence the lives of young men,” Spencer Waggoner said.

He isn’t the only new coach for the football team.

“There will be some coaches from the previous staff and there will also be new staff coming in that understand what winning is about,” Waggoner said.

Waggoner not only brings leadership experience to the sports, but also in the classroom as a physical education and special education teacher.

“Coach Waggoner is a man of high character and the best choice to move our football team in the right direction… [he will] make an impact in the classroom and on the field,” Principal Derek Hoffland said.

Waggoner also has some goals set for himself.

“My goal is to bring back McClintock football, and my number one goal is to send seniors out as winners,” Waggoner said.

He also has some words for the football team and for the students.

“I would like [students] to know that no one is going to work harder, be more prepared, and be more committed to them than I will. I am a winner and know what it takes to get the best out of my players both academically and physically,” Waggoner said.