No Credit students should be removed from classroom

Nikolaus Rosales , Photo Editor

If a student has missed more than 10 days of a class, they are put on a no credit status, meaning that they receive no credit for their class, regardless of their grade.

However, the student is still required to go to class, because they cannot be dropped from the class for missing a certain number of days.

This makes absolutely no sense. Why should the student be required to come to class when they are not receiving credit, anyways? This is not only a waste of the student’s time, but it is also an incentive to create disruptions within the learning environment.

The student, instead of wasting time in a class they cannot get credit for, could be spending their time working on a class they can get credit for. For example, a student is in a junior English class, and they are working hard to get their grade up, but guess what? It doesn’t matter. They are currently getting a 90% in the class, but, since they are on a no credit status, that 90% means nothing.

This wastes both the teacher’s time and thestudent’s time, hours they won’t be getting back.

Now, the question remains, why should the student be forced to go to class when they receive no credit? The answer is, they should not.

Consider this: a student who is on a no credit status chooses to not show up anymore, so they either go to sweep or ditch school altogether. However, when they do show up, they do nothing in the class but create disruptions and prevent the rest of the class from learning.

Not to mention, the poor teachers. The teachers are forced to teach these students that either do not want to learn.  This again is one giant waste of everyone’s time.

Now, some may argue that the students should remain in their classes because they can still get the education they need. While this is true, there are other ways for the student to get educated without having to waste their time sitting in a class where they cannot earn any credit.

Teachers have the option of giving a grade, but this seldom happens because of the district-wide policy.

Students who are receiving no-credit should not be in the classroom disturbing those who are receiving credit.