Struggling students of McClintock, help has arrived!

Sophia Flores


Sophia Flores, Reporter

The Charger Tutoring Club offers free homework assistance Monday-Thursday in the library. The student-tutors are trained to help students no matter their skill level, and the welcoming environment puts everyone at ease. Mrs. Pugh, also the Peggy Payne Academy coordinator, is a sponsor of the club. 


During an interview, she explained that it is essential to take advantage of Charger Tutoring because it provides many benefits for both tutors and tutees. Tutees gain the advantage of free tutoring and access to supplemental feedback apart from a teacher, which can sometimes be helpful. Tutors learn how to lead and help others. During training, tutors are taught how to interact with tutees and determine how to help them.


Overall, tutoring in one service provided by McClintock that everyone should take advantage of. Whether you’re a tutor or a tutee, one can garner many benefits from participating. Contact Mrs. Pugh or Ms. Mclaughlin for more information.



Monday, Tuesday, Thursday ~ 2:30-3:20pm

Wednesday ~ 1:20-2:20pm



Back of the library, tables will be reserved.