Positive messages strung together in Chains of Hope

Chain of Hope ribbons were displayed in on Senior Lawn.

Sade Tines, Photographer

Chains of Hope ribbons were displayed in on Senior Lawn. The chains were created by students and put together the front of the school.

There are a lot of positive messages on there that can help people who are really struggling.

Chains of Hope is a campaign started by Teen Lifeline, a confidential crisis service where teens help other teens make healthy decisions through a 24-hour peer counseling crisis hotline and suicide prevention services. McClintock High School created the most links in the campaign at 1,937 links.

“Even though this was our first year creating #ChainsOfHope, the schools and students that participated put their all into it,” Teen Lifeline said on Twitter.

Earlier in the month, Arizona Superintendent Kathy Hoffman declared September Suicide Prevention Month for the state.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts, consider calling the Suicide Crisis Line: (602) 248-8336. McClintock students can also call the Teen Lifeline number on the back of their School ID to talk with a student crisis line.