Students unite to support importance of science

Abby Karlin, Business Manager

On Earth Day (Sat., April 22), people from all over the world came together to celebrate science. Students, teachers, researchers, politicians all made their voices heard. McClintocks’s own students were among the loudest.

“It was amazing to see that throughout the day, cities all over the world were doing the same thing. As we were marching, I was getting pictures from my son in DC,” chemistry teacher Debbie Lenz said.

The group of students gathered at the march in downtown Phoenix. Speeches from the directors started at 10AM, the march started at 11AM, and the science fair went until 4PM.

“I saw so many different things at the fair, that I can barely keep track of them all. There were robots rolling around and moving objects with ease, a display for space exploration right here at ASU, a program working to make Phoenix 100% sustainable, and another display that showed the indigenous plants here in Arizona and how to recognize them,” sophomore Thad Canuel said.

Students are standing up for their right to learn in a peaceful, educational way.

“I felt hopeful about the future when I saw how many people came up to fight for science. I was even happier when I saw all the younger people, because they’re the future,” sophomore Harshini Venkatachalam said.

Science is a fundamental part of the world today, and students learn about it as funding is cut and facts are refuted.

“We need to show that science remains important in our lives,” Lenz said.

“We need to not take for granted that our world is possible for science. Everything we use on a daily basis is possible because someone asked a question, and that’s what we’re celebrating and trying to bring to the forefront.”