Seniors overachieve in service hours

Asia Jones, Editor in chief

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McClintock has a club that does volunteer hours, community service and gives back to the community in many different ways.

This club is called Key Club. It derives students to give back to their community while receiving community hours and because of this club two students were able to receive 100 plus hours of community service.

“We (attended) a couple of marathons where we handed out water and we also did ‘Feed My Starving Children, and there was also festivals that we helped out at,” senior Alex Kunitada said.

These two students have set a goal for students around school to excel in community hours.

“To me it doesn’t feel any different from just having 20 hours of community service,” Kunitada said.

Kunitada worked hard to get to where he needed to get and achieved it with flying colors.

“(My favorite community service activity was) Scottsdale marathon where we would handout numbers to the runners and after we would help clean up,” Kunitada said.

Senior Mya Hawthorne also received 100 plus hours in community service hours and showed others how easy it can be.

“It feels good. It’s a big accomplishment and looks great on applications,” Hawthorne said.

Having accomplishments to be proud of is the best thing to have growing up, showing off your excellence and achievements.

“My favorite event was Scottsdale 1\2 marathon. We gave bibs out to runners along with shirts,” Hawthorne said.

Motivation is key and is the way to success and Kunitada and Hawthorne have stepped out of their comfort zone to show that anything is possible.

“(In Key club) we have a competition and Mya and I are competing against each other. She’s not going to beat me because I have a little more hours than she does, “Kunitada said.

“(What motivates me in Key Club is) volunteering with my friends so it was fun. I also want to have the most hours in Key Club,” Hawthorne said.

These two gave an example of how community service hours are done. Congrats you two keep up the great work.





























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