Manie Musicale mirrors March Madness


May Felty, Videographer

McClintock’s French classes, along with French classes in countries around the world, participated in a musical competition called the Manie Musicale this March.

Since the first Manie Musicale in 2017, a selection of 16 popular French-language songs compete against each other in a bracket each year.

On a paper bracket, students fill out their guesses or hopes of which songs from each round will win, and then vote online for their favorites. One by one, a song from each pair advances to the next round after the results of the votes across the globe are revealed.

The song that won 2023’s Manie Musicale is “Danser avec toi”, by LeFLOFRANCO. Congratulations to the student winners of the prediction brackets in McClintock’s French

2023’s Manie Musicale playlist: