McClintock now requires an application to go off campus during lunch

Following controversy over banning off campus lunch, MHS Admin decides to grant conditional off campus privileges

Silas Botham, Campus Life Editor

Prior to fall break, McClintock Administration announced that juniors and seniors would no longer be able to go off campus during lunch the following quarter. While they reasoned that frequent lateness and litter around campus had gotten out of hand, the student body decried the move. “This is ridiculous,” one student who I interviewed said.

Apparently taking heed of students’ complaints and suggestions, MHS Admin has now adopted an application-based system for off campus lunch permissions. Juniors and seniors must meet certain requirements (such as being on track to graduate, not failing any classes, and not having excessive absences).

Next, they must fill out an application and get their parent’s signature before turning it into the Activities Office. Students will be issued a new special ID that reflects lunch privileges. All applications must be turned in by Tuesday, October 19 and any student who returns to school late will have their pass revoked.