Chargers honored during 22nd annual City of Tempe Youthfest


McClintock had 5 Changemaker award winners at the 2019 Annual Youthfest Ceremony.

Guidon Staff

Tempe Union High School District, the City of Tempe and the Tempe Diablos honored six McClintock students at the 22nd Annual Youthfest banquet, celebrating Changemakers and Courage Award winners.

Changemakers are students who are committed to a cause, dedicating themselves to making the world a better place. Whether it’s on their school campus or in our community, when they see a problem, they take meaningful action to create positive change.

McClintock High School had five Changemakers honored during the awards ceremony:

  • Kendra Parker
  • Emilie Berthiaume
  • Thaddaeus Canuel
  • Justice Harasha
  • Anjelina Steven

Courage Awards are given to students who courageously overcome incredible adversity. They choose to make their education a priority while facing life challenging events, such as personal and family situation. McClintock high school’s Charlotte Fornasiero was given this award.