Grad Night

Alaina Vega, Reporter, Social Media Director

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Grad Night is an event for graduated students to celebrate their accomplishments after the graduation ceremony. Grad night will be held at Main Event with a variety of activites such as bowling, video games, laser tag, movies, music billiards, gravity ropes, prizes, and great food! Tickets are now available in the Activities Office before or after school. Tickets increase 5$ each month or at the door 50$.

“If you go to Main Event you are not allowed to leave until 5am because the school is responsible for you till then” Senior Lynn Llamas said.

This is an event for graduates for all their hard work and commitment for graduation. McClintock urges all seniors to go for some fun. Main Event will be closed for McClintock students. You cannot invite anyone from any different school due to safety reasons.

“From students who went last year I’ve heard debatable reasons on why and why not to go, Although most responses were to go and it’s something you will always remember,”Llamas said.

The prizes will not be told until the night of or as soon as you win many of the competitions.

“I think it’s going to be super fun because it’s the last thing we do as a class together, it’s basically the last thing we do before we go on with our lives,” said senior Kemyah Mixson.

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Grad Night