Coronation Dance to be held Feb. 25

Amayrani Chaparro, Reporter

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Coronation is on Sat., Feb 25 and it will be held in the main gym. Since at Homecoming boys asked girls, this time it’s an opportunity for girls to ask the boys.

The tickets are either single for $15 or a couple’s ticket, which is $25. The tickets can also be purchased at the door the day of the dance but everyone needs an Id to get in.

“I am going to Coronation and I hope I have a great time with the person I asked and experience a great night,” junior Vanessa Renteria said.

The theme of the dance will be The Red Carpet Affair.

“I am lookiing forward to having a great time dancing, taking pictures, and experiencing something new,” junior Anthony Hernandez said.

The dress is semi-formal for the dance.

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Coronation Dance to be held Feb. 25