Seniors seek scholarships on path to successful future

Amber Perry , Campus Life Editor

Going to college, especially an Ivy League college, is every parent’s dream for their child, so students can make their family proud by being extraordinary, making a difference, and making history.

Earning scholarships and getting accepted to good colleges take work, but much more is involved, such as outstanding actions, peculiar qualities, and being phenomenal socially, mentally and whole heartedly.

Students should choose classes that will benefit them in the future by considering their possible careers. If a student wants to be a lawyer, they should stick with English or move to a higher level class, because there will be a lot of reading and writing and understanding both sides of an argument. Want to be an architect? Consider taking more challenging math classes. The same goes for every other occupation you can think of.

Many seniors are currently planning their next steps based on their previous high school work.

“I am going to Boston University to major in communications and get an internship with National Television and soap opera because I like getting involved in today and communicating and connecting to the people,” senior Savannah Reitzel said.

Reitzel has been involved in the Video Announcements class for several years in order to prepare for her college plans.

“After determining my plans, I joined video announcements and became more comfortable in front of the camera,” Reitzel said.

Like Reitzel, many students know throughout high school what they are interested in studying.

“I have been interested in criminology since my sophomore year, and it has actually allowed me to get the best of psychology and criminology and study the reasoning behind the criminals’ actions,” senior Elizabeth Rodriguez said.

Finances are always an issue for students when considering which colleges to attend.  Some search for individual scholarships and others apply for scholarships offered by the universities.

“Some problems that I come across are expenses for tuition and I am looking for an open scholarship that helps me the most,” Rodriguez said.  “I say get involved in your interests in high school so that you can prepare for scholarships.”

In addition to coming up with the money for school, selecting the right college is a challenge as well. Students should plan several levels of schools – a “big” school and several other choices.  Then, once the acceptance letters arrive, the decision process can begin.  A factor should always be which college has the best program for what you want to study.

“I am going to Arizona State University to major in criminal justice and psychology,” Rodriguez said.

“The reason I chose ASU is because it offers the best in-state criminal justice program and it is in Arizona where I am close to my family.”

A key to achieving goals is hard work and perseverance.  Students should be willing to take summer classes, get after school assistance, or even get a tutor to help clarify things if needed.  Special classes like AVID or EVIT are other ways to reach those goals.

“I will be attending Arizona State University for four years in Exercise and Wellness, and I will be a physical therapist,” junior Christian Rodriguez said.

College dreams are attainable through hard work and perseverance.