Writer’s Ink Writing Contest

Katelynn Showers, Reporter

Writer’s, Ink. of Greater Phoenix is hosting a writing contest throughout October and November. Entries will be received from Thurs., Oct. 1 until midnight PST Nov. 30, 2015. All pieces will be considered for publication in Ink. Spots of Greater Phoenix Anthology – Volume Two.

One may enter fictional work (all genres accepted provided they are in good taste), creative non-fiction (any, including blogs), poetry, and photography, but all entries must be unpublished work. The non-refundable entry fee for fiction or creative non-fiction is $25 per piece, limited to 5,000 words. The non-refundable entry fee for poetry is $15 for three poems, 4 pages maximum each, single-spaced with one line between stanzas. The non-refundable entry fee per photo is $5 (.jpeg only).

All the edits are final. If one doesn’t like the changes, you may withdraw from publication unless you are a winner. All rights are retained by the contributors.

If one enters a piece, all writing will be scored using a standardized score sheet and one will receive a copy of the score sheet after all entries have been judged and tallied. Be sure to strictly follow all guidelines!

Those that are interested in being a judge for the Writer’s Ink Contest should be sure to meet one or more of the following requisits: have written a piece that has won an award; have written and published (self or traditional) at least one article, poem, short story, and/or book; and have experience with writing, editing, and/or publishing. All judges will be paid $5 per entry they judge.

All contributors (and one guest) will be invited to the launch party of the Writer’s Ink Anthology next year.

To contact the host of the contest, visit her blog at http://sharibroyerbooks.weebly.com.

To see the full guidelines for the contest, look here: http://writersinkofgreaterphoenix.weebly.com/writers-ink-contest-2015.html.

Correction: October 20, 2015

Following the original writing of this article, the deadline of the contest was altered. The current version now reflects the current deadline.