PPA students invited to a Welcome Party

Abby Karlin

PPA is having a welcome back pizza party (a five year tradition) on this Fri., Sept. 4 at lunch. It will be at Doc’s Diner (upper level of the gym).

“So every year we have a little social gathering for PPA students where we provide pizza at lunch for PPA students to mingle and get to know one another and usually its to meet the new freshman class, ” English teacher Erin Kahn said.

This social gathering is always held during the first quarter of the school year, so students will recognize one another in the future.

“The PPA welcome back party is an event that we hold at lunch every year during the first quarter to get freshmen, juniors, seniors, and sophomores all involved and meeting everybody, introducing themselves [and] also introducing the officers of senate,” senior Brooklyn Gauthier said.

The party allows students to meet the senate officers (PPA Senate), which lets freshman ask about this important part of PPA.

“It’s neat, because we rarely get everyone together at one time. Younger kids can reach out to the older ones,” said Jack Kahn, english teacher.

Meeting up is a good way for older students to answer any questions that younger students may have, about clubs, the academy, or the senate.

“It means a lot to be welcomed, especially as a new student, it’s just a really great way to introduce the Academy and make it seem like much more of a community. I think it’s really important just to let the freshman know that we’re a big family and there’s no reason not to feel included in senate or in the Academy,” Gauthier said.

The PPA welcome back party is an excellent opportunity for students to get to know one another over free pizza. Drinks will not be provided.