(Anime) God Eater review

Tanner Bunkelmann, Sports Editor

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All around the world, the sudden appearance of the monsters known as Aragami has driven humanity to the brink of extinction. Conventional weapons have no effect on them and humanity has walled itself in the hopes that they can complete the Aegis project in order to save humanity before they come crashing down upon them.

The only way to fight such monsters is to become one yourself, and so that is exactly what humanity decides to do. By using the same cells that the Amaragi are made of, humanity has created weapons capable of piercing through the Aragami and destroying the core that holds the monster together.


It should be said that I started this anime expecting to be entertained, but nothing more than that. Was not expecting a show with a simple enough premise to actually have anything worth remembering. I was completely wrong. The characters, the animation, and the music were absolutely amazing. Honestly, I was blown away at just how attached I got to the characters, because for once, the anime was one where the characters realized how helpless and powerless they really were.

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(Anime) God Eater review