Lunch policy seek changes for next school year

Damaya Hudson, Campus Life editor

As of the 2017-2018 school year, lunchtime policies will have two significant changes.   

The first change is that the lunch hour will be longer.  Lunch will be now 45 minutes long as compared to the 35 minutes students have. Students will have from 11:28-12:13, giving students a few extra minutes to eat their lunches.

Many students have a difficult time getting lunch because there is not  enough time to walk to the cafeteria, stand in line, and eat at a leisurely pace.

“New lunch schedule yes! It’s going to be lit, I am so ready for that,” Junior Ayendei Townes said.

For those going off campus, the pressure to get back quickly can lead to unsafe driving.

In order to extend the lunch hour, every passing period and class period will be 1 minute shorter. All together the lunch hour will be 10 minutes longer.

Students will finally be given the time they need to eat lunch without a rush. This is beneficial for both lower and upper classmen.

The second major change regarding the lunch policy involves who is allowed to leave campus.

In order to qualify for off-campus lunch, students must have the required number of credits to be considered on-track to graduate:

Juniors require 12 credits or more and senior 18 credits or more. 2.0 GPA for the semester prior to application, no F’s on report card prior to application, no major or recurring discipline infractions.

“McClintock juniors and seniors have the opportunity to apply for off-campus lunch privileges for the new year,” Athletics Vice Principal Jermaine Whitaker said.

To leave campus, students must have in their possession and display the authorized student identification card, issued by McClintock High School.