Varsity Softball heads down to El Paso

Alice Pratt, Copy Editor

McClintock’s Varsity Girls Softball team is travelling to El Paso, Texas for a tournament from Wed., Feb. 25 through Sun., Mar. 1.

Out of the 13 girls on the team, 12 will be going on the trip, along with 2 coaches.

“It’s basically like a season opener tournament, we compete at a public complex, but we’ll be competing with a lot of the schools in El Paso,” senior Andi Blodgett said.

Last year, at the same tournament, the team did very well. This year’s group of girls is looking forward to competing, whether they are returning to El Paso or participating in the tournament for the first time.

“It’s exciting to go back and see if we can do better or just as well as we did last year,” Blodgett said.

The season opener tournament is about more than just the competition, as some of the girls are just becoming acquainted with one another.

“I’m looking forward to being with a new group of girls for a whole week and creating new memories and having a lot of fun, and growing and learning, because this is all just a learning experience for our team,” senior Mary Mentz said.

As the athletes get to know one another, they also have the opportunity to discover how they gel as a team and what they would like to work on.

“It’s definitely going to help us see where a girl stands on the field and what our weaknesses and strengths are as a team,” Mentz said.

According to Blodgett, the trip will “[allow] us to really get closer before our regular season starts, so that’s another thing I’m looking forward to.”