Con: Attendance Policy Face Off

Maria Granados, Reporter

face off picBecause of the new absence policy, after missing class for 11 days- consecutive or not- students will then be put into no-credit status in their class. This will, in the end, only be detrimental to the students.

The only times a student can miss class without losing credit is in the event of an emergency, such as extreme illness or a family death. This is entirely unreasonable. Though it may seem at first that this makes a lot of sense, there may be instances in which it’s simply impossible to attend school.

Illness and family-related absences generally require a parent’s contribution. Unless the student has a driver’s license, they may not be able to get themselves to a doctor to prove the illness. Sometimes, the parent just does not care enough to vouch for a student. Though it is sad, it’s the truth. For some students, despite the fact that they may have legitimate and unavoidable reasons, it’s just impossible to get some sort of proof.

The new rule also works against students’ educations. Though the student isn’t receiving credit for the class, they are still required to attend the class and do the work. This might help their actual education; if they care enough, they will still pay attention and learn. However, it will be a lost semester or year, since they will have to make up the class regardless of how well they do with their work.

In most cases, the student would lose the motivation to try in the class, making the no-credit status about useless. Instead of doing something productive at the time, they sit in a class and feel no need to do anything because they won’t receive credit anyway. This wastes not only the student’s time, but also the time of the teacher and everyone else in the class.