Homecoming Spirit Week Themes

Alaina Vega, Reporter

October 21, 2016

Homecoming is right around the corner which means spirit week is almost here! These are the following spirit week themes of 10/24-10/28; Monday- Monsters University Tuesday- Twin Day Wednesday- Wacky Wednesday Thursday-...

MHS dance now selling chocolate

Caeles Harrington, Reporter

October 14, 2016

McClintock Dance is now selling World’s Finest Chocolate. From now until Oct 28, dancers will be walking around campus selling each bar for one dollar. There are four different chocolate bars: almond, caramel, milk chocolat...

What seniors should be doing

Alaina Vega, Reporter

September 22, 2016

Your senior year is one step closer to reality. Senior year is considered to be a hectic year, having to do with SAT, ACT testing, applying for colleges, and scholarships. Before even applying for scholars and colleges you...

Spanish Club welcomes new members

Abby Karlin, Business Manager, Opinions Editor

September 16, 2016

The Spanish Club is an open environment dedicated to learning about new cultures and meeting new people that meets every Friday at lunch in room 1203. The Spanish Club does many different things at their meetings. Every other ...

Face Off: Spirit Stick Becomes Controversial (Senior)

Mitchell Wenger, News Editor

September 14, 2016

The most recent pep rally was an affront to the integrity of this school. The violation of tradition has enraged many seniors against the abomination that is the sophomore class.  For over 15 years the Spirit Stick has been given...

Face Off: Spirit stick becomes controversial (Sophomore)

Kristine Le, Blogs Editor, A&E Editor

September 14, 2016

I don’t intend on having a major conflict nor do I have much of an opinion on the recent pep rally’s results, however it’s been getting out of hand. One issue is the fact that it’s a McClintock tradition to give the...

Chemistry Club on the rise

Alex Hifler, Online Media Editor

September 14, 2016

Chemistry Club sponsored by Debbie Lenz is a rising club that currently meets Fridays at lunch to give students a place to conduct projects. Chemistry club seeks to give students an opportunity to freely explore the chemistry...

PPA to visit Barrett Campus

Tanner Bunkleman, Briefs Editor, Sports Editor

September 14, 2016

On September 22nd, Peggy Payne students are taking a private tour of the ASU Barrett college campus. The tour is being guided by the Director of Recruitment, Michelle Hollin. The annual field trip is expected to go from 10:30...

Politicians visit campus

Politicians visit campus

September 14, 2016

Student Council has some spirit

McKinley Becraft, Copy Editor

September 12, 2016

Student Councils all across the state joined forces for a special convention last week at Red Mountain High School. This cowboy-rodeo theme was designed as a way to bring together some of the state’s future leaders and form connect...

Young Dems speeds up voting process

Katelynn Showers, Managing Editor

September 12, 2016

Young Democrats is a club on campus, they meet every Monday at lunch in room 1124. The presidents are senior Erin Granillo-Walker and sophomore Thomas Lobato. “We discuss political issues, try to get voters registered, and...

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