Students take field trip to art exhibition


Necklace (200-250) Shell. Photo by Abby Karlin.

Abby Karlin, Editor In Chief

On Thurs., Oct. 25, the Spanish 5-6 classes took a field trip to the Pheonix Art Museum to see the Teotihuacan: City of Water, City of Fire exhibit.

The exhibit is comprised of over 200 pieces of art: sculpture, murals, friezes, masks, statues, and more that together make up the life of the Teotihuacan, how they lived, worshiped, and left their mark on the world.

“Having access to different art than what we’re used to seeing helps us have a different perspective in life,” Spanish teacher Abraham Dimas said.

Exposing kids to art and culture creates more well rounded, knowledgeable students.

“We learned about ancient Latin American Culture,”  junior Abigail Elizabeth Naranjo said.

Students get a chance to experience fine art different from television from oil on canvas to photographs to sculpture.

“I’ve done this for ten years and seen something different every time,” Spanish teacher Laura Mills said.